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Learn Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation

A Forum for LIFE, Inc. is a New York Public Charity and nonprofit Corporation that provides all levels of life-saving training.

Please call (718) 759-9013 to register for a class or to receive more information. 

We are on the web at:

Other classes include:
  • Automated External Defibrillator Training
  • Advanced First Aid (RTE) 
  • CPR for the Healthcare Professional
  • First Responder Certification
  • Medication Administration Training
  • Oxygen Administration
  • Pediatric Emergency Response
  • Standard First Aid
  • Wilderness First Aid Training and more.

Want to become a CPR / First Aid instructor?    

Take five easy steps.

  • 1.    Take the initial training in the component that you want to instruct.
  • 2.     Contact A Forum for LIFE, Inc. (the ECSI training center.)
  • 3.     Complete the core instructor course.
  • 4.     Complete the discipline-specific instructor course.
  • 5.     Be monitored in your initial training session and turn in your class or trainee     information to the Instructor Trainer Coordinator.

Instructor Candidate Manual

Module 1 – Introduction

About This Course

Welcome to the Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI) Instructor Development Course. This course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills that you will need to teach ECSI programs in the community.

There are several components to the program including a section that requires you to demonstrate skills proficiency in the courses you will be teaching. In addition, you will be required to present two prepared topics as well as handle questions and answers based on your prepared presentations. When you have completed this program and have met its requirements, you will be confident and prepared to conduct your own courses.

From this course you will learn teaching methodologies and techniques that are the foundation of every good teacher. You will learn by participating in the course activities and by watching others during their skills and performance demonstrations.

Teaching is rewarding. You will have the unique opportunity to watch someone as they grow and learn life-saving information and skills.

Again, welcome! Relax and enjoy this Institute Instructor Development Course.

Below is an excerpt from our Instructor Candidate Manual

Module 1 – Introduction

Program Objectives

At the end of this Institute Instructor Development Course, you will be able to:

  • Discuss why introductions are important in any training program
  • List the characteristics of effective instructors
  • Perform a customer needs analysis to determine any additional needs that could be added to the course (customization)
  • List the steps in planning a course
  • Demonstrate how to engage participants in the program
  • Demonstrate various teaching methods used in conducting courses
  • Demonstrate effective presentation techniques
  • List the administrative aspects that need to take place with each course
  • Demonstrate an ability to evaluate and remediate participant performance
  • Demonstrate disassembly and decontamination of training manikins

Module 1 – Introduction

Participant Introductions

As a way of getting to know each other, you will be introducing another person to the rest of the group. To help you prepare for the introduction, you will be given a few minutes to gather the following information. Use the space provided to write notes about the person you will be introducing.


Where he or she works:

Why he or she wants to become an ECSI instructor:

What he or she expects to learn from the course:

Any concerns/fears he or she has about teaching:

A few fun facts about the person:

Module 1 – Introduction

Practice Presentation Guidelines

During the Instructor Development Course, you will be given ample opportunity to practice your presentation skills. You will be required to present two assigned topics in front of the class and respond to participant questions about these topics.

Your prepared presentations will each take approximately five minutes.

Your topics are:

1. ____________________________________

2. ____________________________________

You may use any of the audiovisual materials that are available for ECSI courses, but the purpose of the presentations is not simply to see whether you can operate an audiovisual device. Rather, the purpose is to enable you to present a topic and respond to questions. The slides or video segment can take no more than one minute of your prepared presentation.

All equipment that will be needed for your presentations is in the classroom.

There will be time allotted in class to prepare and refine your presentation notes.

After everyone has presented his or her prepared topic, each person will be asked to handle a question-and-answer segment based on the assigned topics.

The instructor will evaluate your presentation and your question-and-answer segment. You will also receive feedback from other course participants.

If you have any questions or concerns, please ask the course instructor for assistance.

Module 1 – Introduction

Program Logistics

Here are some items that the participants should know at the start of any course, including this course.

Course agenda, including starting, stopping, and break times:

Location of restrooms:

Location of emergency exits:

Location of fire extinguishers:


Instructor contact phone number:

Module 2 – Becoming an Effective Instructor

The First Impression

The initial impression of a class typically has a significant impact on the student. When conducting your own courses, the first impression that your participants get will affect the rest of the program.

Think about this Institute Instructor Development Course and answer the following questions about your first impression.

  • What happened or what did you see or experience at the very start of the program that helped create your first impression?
  • What things do you remember about the personal introductions in Module 1 of this course?
  • What was your overall first impression of the Institute Instructor Development Course?

What are the purposes of the introductions?

Module 2 – Becoming an Effective Instructor

Tips for Introductions

In order to maximize effectiveness, here are some tips for introductions:

  • Arrive early.
  • Start on time.
  • Provide brief background information about yourself.
  • Give the participants information about the course that they want to know.
  • Allow adequate time for participant introductions.
  • Listen to each participant and build on his/her statements.

Module 2 – Becoming an Effective Instructor

Characteristics of Effective Instructors

Good teachers and good teaching do not consist of a single characteristic. Rather, good teachers and good teaching comprise numerous aspects, none of which is more important than another. Below are several characteristics that have been found in the best instructors.

  • Expertise
  • Enthusiasm
  • Clear communications
  • Empathy for the participants
  • Freedom from prejudices or bias
  • Sense of Humor
  • Flexibility


A Forum for LIFE, Inc. invites you to teach people how to provide life saving techniques. Please call (347) 529 8694 for more information.

Our non-profit mission help people reach goals and establish solid core values that lead to longer more productive lives.


A Forum for LIFE, Inc. is a New York Public Charity and all contributions or donations are tax-exempt.
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